Spanish & English speaking virtual Scribes & Medical Assistants

How cypress works

Are you tired of spending too much time on administrative tasks that take away from your patient care? Look no further than Cypress Virtual Medical Assistant.


Schedule an intro call

Schedule a 15-minute exploratory call to tell us about the nature of work. We will explain our process and can answer any questions.


Success Manager assigned

We assign a success manager who will identify the virtual assistant and will get things started.


Virtual Assistant starts work

We go over the work details and custom practice specifics during a kick-off meeting. Over the next 2 weeks the virtual assistant gets familiar with your practice and gets trained on the work at no cost to you!


Work With Your Assistant

Relax while your new team member takes on your work. As the virtual assistant becomes more familiar with your practice, you continue to delegate additional responsibilities.

Director - Beats cardiology

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virtual medical assistant.